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“Our biggest problem as human beings is not knowing that we don't know.”

Virginia Satir

I work in the business of making psychology the starting point of our understanding of work, our careers, and, ultimately our purpose throughout our professional lives. I have trained in Business Psychology and Coaching Psychology, two disciplines that are often misunderstood or underestimated. 

So, let's start from that, shall we?


Business Psychology is the science that investigates the application of psychology to the workplace, resulting in happier individuals and better organisations. 

As an applied science, it has multiple ramifications spanning across Wellbeing, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Performance Management and Assessment, Learning and Development, Coaching, to name just a few. 

Business Psychologists tend to specialise in a limited number of areas, but they will generally be able to offer consultancy on a broad range of work-related challenges, using psychology to inform ways to support your business.


Coaching Psychology is the science that investigates the application of psychology to coaching, using evidence-based models to facilitate career transitions, team performance and personal development.

It distinguishes itself from coaching because those who practise coaching psychology are mostly coming from an educational background in psychology and generally advocate for the use of evidence-based models. However, this distinction is less and less evident as coaching become a more defined discipline.

Coaches practising Coaching Psychology usually combine a variety of approaches and techniques, supporting their clients (also called “coachees”) in achieving their objectives and improving their self-awareness.

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