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CPsychol, Talent Development 

Gabriele Galassi chartered psychologist, coaching psychologist

Gabriele Galassi chartered psychologist, coaching psychologist

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions, your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values, y
our values become your destiny.


Gabriele Galassi chartered psychologist, coaching psychologist

Gabriele Galassi chartered psychologist, coaching psychologist

I retrained in Business Psychology and Coaching after an extensive career in media.

Studying psychology has been my way of making sense of everything that I thought wasn't working in the modern workplace. I have discovered enough to believe we can turn our lives around if we understand ourselves, the people around us and the context in which we operate. Every day, I set the intention to share and practise this realisation in everything that I do. 


My name is Gabriele Galassi. Italian by birth, but really a "citizen of nowhere" in spirit. I lived in London (UK) for a very long time and I currently live in Amsterdam (NL) with my husband and my dog.


I started my career in the media industry working in commercial roles for independent production companies and broadcasters. After moving to the UK, I worked for BBC Studios in various executive jobs, eventually becoming General Manager for the Benelux region, overseeing affiliate sales, ancillaries, formats and programme sales.


In 2015, I took the opportunity of a training role for the global business division of BBCWW, taking the lead on creating a Sales Academy that pioneered a new approach to sales through assessment, training and bespoke internal talent management.

During this experience - and in the years after it - I retrained as a Business Psychologist and Coach, gradually developing a new career as a Business Consultant and Psychologist.

I launched my independent consultancy, The Business Psychology Network, in 2017. Thanks to this experience, I expanded the breadth and depth of my understanding of organisations, working with the most diverse range of organisations and projects.

In my years as a consultant, I also lectured on Learning and Development at Birkbeck University and Kingston University respectively for the Undergraduate degree in Business Psychology (BSc) and Postgraduate degree in Business/Occupational psychology (MSc). 


Since 2021, I work at Wise, a thriving fintech company that operates in more than 160 countries making money transfers cheaper, faster and transparent, with more than 5,000 employees across the globe. I am Head of People & Organisational Development. 

I have been a volunteer at Centre Point since 2020, where I proudly serve as a Coach and Coaching trainer for the volunteers.

I am a passionate believer in people's ability to change and psychology has given me the key to help facilitate this process.


Gabriele Galassi chartered psychologist, coaching psychologist

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