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Our biggest problem as human beings is not knowing

that we don't know.

(Virginia Satir)

Upskill your staff, improve your team dynamics, develop people managers or prepare the next generation of leaders.

Get in touch to discuss why you are looking to offer development in your organisation. After an initial briefing call, I will design a Training Needs Analysis Report on the basis of your brief, and sometimes, on what I can observe and record within your organisation.


An accurate analysis of your learning needs will give us an opportunity to:

  • align expectations;

  • build a relevant learning experience for your colleagues;

  • bridge the gap you are looking to fill with training.


Following this, we will discuss a Training Design Proposal, which will detail the learning flow of the programme/s, activities to run and key empirical evidence behind our approach.


Once I receive your approval, I will start building the course and submit it to your attention for final editing.

We want your teams to learn and apply what we cover, attend the training with enthusiasm and feel supported in their learning journey.

After the training, I will collect detailed feedback from participants and equip you with high-level recommendations and coaching tools to share with your staff in order to keep the learning alive.


“Thank you very much for our highly valuable and enjoyable workshop today! As you recall, I was a bit sceptical about an intensive coaching workshop virtually. The three hours really flew by and I think we were able to start a good process with the team.”


“I am very excited for the next part of the journey and so thrilled that we have these amazing tools to help people in the right way. The compassionate, non-judgemental and caring way..”

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