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Given the right circumstances, from no more than dreams, determination, and the liberty to try, quite ordinary people consistently do extraordinary things.

(D.W. Hock)

Performance assessment, through the use of psychometrics and evidence-based tools, can make a real difference in how you hire, spot and develop talent in your team.

If you are looking to assess your existing staff, identify talent or high potential leaders, minimise your recruitment costs by identifying candidates efficiently, I can offer you bespoke support and guidance.

I am a BPS trained test User and Administrator, qualified to use a variety of tools including any Cognitive Ability tests available on the market, as well as Personality Profiling tools. I am a proficient User and Accreditation Trainer of the Hogan Assessment Suite, on which I work in partnership with 3 Minute Mile in the UK.


I also use a wide range of additional tools with my clients, including TEIQue (Emotional Intelligence), Team Assessment Survey (The Rocket Model), Tracom Social Styles, Leadership Versatility Index, DISC and many more.

I can advise and support in the creation of organisational charts, create Job and Task Analysis within key departments, create and deliver 360-feedback projects that will enable your business management to transform,

I support small organisations in setting up fair and successful assessment processes, as well as identifying potential talent, carrying out effective performance management programmes.


"You offered us a way to recruit smartly, we had never developed a model that was in line with our values and essentially what we are looking for when we hire"


"We enjoyed the opportunity of this 360 project, everyone agreed it gave them a chance to gain new insights into their leadership style and their development areas"

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